About AltExchange

Capital Dynamics became a Founding Member of the AltExchange Alliance in April of 2013. The AltExchange Alliance is a non-profit industry alliance focused on defining and maintaining a worldwide common data standard for the private equity industry. This streamlined data sharing system simplifies the data exchange process making it easier for our clients to receive data in a validated format that can be immediately analyzed to identify their investment performance.

Advantages for LPs:

  • Ability to receive data in the same format from multiple sources
  • Significantly reduce time spent collecting and preparing data in an analysis-ready format
  • More time dedicated to conducting analyses

Advantages for GPs:

  • Ability to simply create an information pack for investors for data requested in both AltExchange and ILPA formats
  • Tools to produce data in line with the AltExchange data standards
  • Meet client demands efficiently and effectively

For more information about the AltExchange Alliance, data standard, current members and becoming a member, please visit: