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How structural changes have unlocked credit opportunities in the lower middle market
01 Aug 2018
3D renewables: decarbonising, decentralising and disrupting
28 May 2018
America's biggest solar buyer is a firm you've never heard of - John Breckenridge, Bloomberg
01 Mar 2018
Performance attribution in private equity: a case study of two North American pension funds - Mauro Pfister and Rainer Ott, AIAR
22 Sep 2017
BVCA Private Equity and Venture Capital Performance Measurement Survey 2016, BVCA
10 Jul 2017
Responsible Investment in Private Equity - a key component of operational value creation - Kairat Perembetov & Mauro Pfister, SECA Yearbook 2017
12 May 2017
Plunging costs, burgeoning opportunity - John Breckenridge, Infrastructure Investor
06 Mar 2017
Introductory Guide to Investing in Private Equity Secondaries - Jochen Mende, Joseph Marks, Kairat Perembetov, AIAR
23 Sep 2016
Navigating the complex world of co-investment - David Smith, Unquote
11 May 2016
Avoiding the pitfalls - Oliver Schumann, Private Equity International
30 Nov 2015
NAV is just a number - Joseph Marks, Private Equity International
07 May 2015
Capital Dynamics underscores tailored global investment strategies - Stefan Ammann, South China Morning Post
13 Mar 2015
Hinweise zur Umsetzung - Ivan Herger, Schweizer Personalvorsorge
30 Jan 2015
Co-investments in Clover - David Smith, Unquote
13 Oct 2014
A new dawn - Markus Ableitinger, Private Equity International
06 Oct 2014
New strategies for risk management in private equity - published by Private Equity International, edited by Capital Dynamics
04 Jun 2014
Getting complicated - Joseph Marks, Private Equity International
30 May 2014
Unearthing hidden value - Joseph Marks and Sandro Galfetti, Unquote
07 Apr 2014
The future of asset management in Switzerland - Thomas Kubr, Deloitte's Performance
31 Jan 2014
Seeking Structure - Ivan Herger and Rainer Ott, Private Equity International
29 Nov 2013
CEI Clean Energy Investing book - published by Private Equity International, edited by Capital Dynamics
03 Jun 2013
3 questions a Stefan Ammann - Private Equity Magazine
19 May 2013
Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg in China sind die besten Manager: Interview mit Thomas Kubr - Venture Capital Magazine
12 May 2013
Unlocking Value - Joseph Marks, Private Equity International
04 May 2013
Private Equity Asset Allocation: Robust but adaptable - Philippe Jost and Ivan Herger, Private Equity International
06 Feb 2013
A clearer focus - John Gripton, Private Equity International's Responsible Investment Special
01 Feb 2013
Keeping it clean - David Scaysbrook, Private Equity International
07 Jan 2013
The growing appeal of mid-market private equity - Andrew Bernstein and Cynthia Duda, Private Equity International
06 Dec 2012
Arpeggio from Astona International
03 Dec 2012
Not simply solar - David Scaysbrook and Rory Quinlan, Private Equity International Investing in Energy Handbook
02 Jul 2012
Climate change, clean energy infrastructure and strategic asset allocation - David Scaysbrook, in conjunction with
05 Jun 2012
All change in China - Thomas Kubr, Private Equity International's China Handbook
01 Jun 2012
Big value in small deals - Joseph Marks and Martha Cassidy, Private Equity International's Portfolio Management Atlas
07 May 2012
Expectations shift for LPs - Katharina Lichtner, AltAssets
02 Apr 2012
Paving the way for fund of funds - Marcelo Moraes, Private Equity Inernational's Latin America Handbook
10 Mar 2012
Why it pays to be diversified - David Smith, Andrew Beaton, Ivan Herger and Maria Prieto, Private Equity International
01 Mar 2012
Erneuerbare Energieinvestments fur Versicherung und Pensionskassen
05 Jan 2012
Co-investment: Coming of age - David Smith and Oliver Schumann, Private Equity International's Decade of Private Equity
12 Dec 2011
Europe's sovereign debt crisis - Katharina Lichtner, Private Equity International
29 Sep 2011
Dealmaker Spotlight - Oliver Schumann, Global M&A Network
14 Jul 2011
An illuminating debt strategy - David Scaysbrook, Private Equity International's Investing in Energy Handbook
13 Jul 2011
Co-investment: Today's economic imperative in private equity allocation - Andrew Beaton and David Smith, Private Equity International's Portfolio Management Atlas
05 May 2011
2010 Private Equity International Awards
12 Mar 2011
Today's private equity opportunities in Brazil - Filipe Caldas and Ricardo Fernandez, Private Equity International's Latin America Handbook
06 Mar 2011
Fila de desembarque - Filipe Caldas, Capital Aberto
12 Nov 2010
Opportunities arise as private equity begins to emerge from its slumbers - Katharina Lichtner, Pensions Week
06 Aug 2010
Still life in the FoFs model - Katharina Lichtner, Investment and Pensions Europe
05 Jul 2010
Regelmässig und detailliert prüfen. Wie gute managementteams identifiziert werden können - Katharina Lictner, VentureCapital Magazin
29 May 2010
An exciting new investment thesis - David Scaysbrook and Katharina Lichtner, Private Equity International Media Portfolio Management Atlas: Liquidity Solutions
06 May 2010
Private equity ist attraktiver denn je - Urs Aeberli, Stocks
05 May 2010
Assessing the risk of private equity fund investments - Christian Diller and Ivan Herger, Private Equity Mathematics
05 Apr 2009
The private equity J-Curve: cash flow considerations from primary and secondary points of view - Christian Diller, Ivan Herger and Marco Wulff, Private Equity Mathematics
05 Apr 2009